"Every novice player sooner or later discovers the important role played by the position at the poker table. What that is, that someone is on the right or the wrong position, or that it should not be in this position to play with the hand that has little chance of winning the pot? From what position we bluff? That's all you try to explain in this article. More on forum bukmacherskie.

Position in poker is the place to deal with each player in relation to the position the player dealer. Positions they occupy the players can be divided into 3 groups: 

  • Early (EP-Early Position) are places which deal with the players on the blinds (SB and BB) and the next position (UTG-called under the gun) 
  • Central (MP-middle position) - 3-4 followed by the player UTG 
  • Late (LP-late position) - position of the dealer (button) and 2 positions earlier (position on the right of the button is called the AS-cut-off)

What is a positional advantage?

If you have positional advantage over the player, it means that we are at a later position than our opponent, and for this reason, we make its move after him. In this way we get information about the enemy and we can evaluate better the hand with which he could play and thus make better decisions that will bring us more profit. So easy to infer that the best items are those of Group LP and CO or button. Why? Because our opponents zagrywajÄ… before us, and we picture the whole action which takes place on the table. See all position on blog pokerowy

With what hand on what position we should play?

There is the clear answer that question, but should be taken into account: 
- The movements of the players have done before us and how many more will be playing for us 
- With what type of players sitting at the table, for example, whether the players are aggressive or passive, tight or perhaps loose. 
- And what style we're going to play

Suppose that we play at 9, and all the personal table in front of us doing what cards to fold, you should play with: 
- Early position - raise from pairs of JJ into AA and Ako and AKs, AQs as well as, any other suited hand 
- In the middle positions should raise with any cards above and AQo AJ, KQs, KJs, 88, 99, TT, the lower pairs can limpować seta with the intention of hitting on the flop, the other suited cards 
- In late position should raise with any cards above and KQo, KJo, QJ, JTS, we can also raise the low and medium pairs."